Area Call Number 01/02/03

Feel like a local business but redirect calls to any another UK landline number with an Area Call Number 01 02 03

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Connection Fee £0.00 £0.00 £89.95 £199.95
Free Mins * 500 950 2000 4500
Web Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
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* included minutes are to a UK Landline only

Manage Inbound Calls 24/7

Never miss another call with our unique range of inbound call management solutions including the Area Call Number.

Benefits of an 01/02/03 Area Call Number from FLR Telecoms

  • Select memorable numbers and make it easier for customers to call you.
  • Track your numbers with live call statistics letting you see how and when calls were received (or missed).
  • Route Area Call numbers to any landline or mobile with online management tools, at no extra cost to your customers.
  • Establish a ‘local presence’ in any area where you don't have premises, encouraging local customers.
  • Numbers can be set up free of charge within 3 days. You’ll be charged per minute for each call diverted to your land line number, plus a monthly rental fee.


  • You can add any of our smart solutions to enhance your Area Call number.