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1-Voice SIP Trunks

With more and more businesses demanding IP Telephony and SIP, it should be no surprise that it is one of the most popular and fastest growing services in the UK Communications sector.

For businesses looking to introduce a low cost disaster recovery solution or to replace legacy PSTN and ISDN Circuits (BT have announced the withdrawal of ISDN lines in circa 2020), 1-Voice SIP trunks are a low cost and flexible option, which can be used as part of a Mixed Estate with fully hosted Phones and can be overlaid with analytics and call recording. 1-Voice SIP users can also benefit from a range of mobility applications allowing them to work comfortably from home or any other location where they have 4G or wi-fi coverage. Businesses looking to stage their approach to a fully Hosted system can use 1-Voice SIP as their first stage into the journey and continue to utilise existing handsets and compatible on- premise systems (i.e. Avaya IP Office, Cisco Call Manager, Samsung Office Serve, Panasonic NS).

1-Voice SIP channels can be up to 75% cheaper than traditional PSTN and ISDN lines in setup alone. If your business has an IP PBX installed, which we can confirm for you, 1-Voice SIP trunking will allow you to experience HD call quality and provide significant savings.

With 1-Voice SIP Trunking you can also virtually future proof your business. A migration to hosted services is the next natural progression for business telephony, we expect all UK businesses to adopt it by 2022.
Expand the lifespan of your existing IP PBX hardware with 1-Voice SIP trunking and a solution provided by FLR Telecoms.

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